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    Kähriku tee 3 and 5

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    Kähriku tee 3 ja 5 Uuesalu Rae county

    Here we were dealing with the development and construction of two terraced houses. The total area of terraced houses is 856 m2; they consist of eight 3-4-room apartments. The construction period of the buildings is October 2017 to October 2018.


    Miho OÜ

    Owner supervision:

    Inrestauraator Projekt OÜ

    Electricity and low current:

    Haltmen OÜ


    Freshline OÜ

    Water and sewage:

    Torumees OÜ

    Interior decoration:

    Perfect Deal OÜ

    Roads and Squares:

    Protcom OÜ