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    In the first stage, we position our product and future potential clients on whom the house or apartment is built. We create a client profile - young people, families, foreigners, rental investors, etc.; we prepare sketches, initial interior design solutions, and an approximate timetable.



    We create the necessary architectural, constructive, and special parts designs and communications connection projects. We prepare precise construction and financial schedules, organize the necessary procurements, and prepare the construction and sales process.


    Construction and sales organization

    Together with our partners, we organize the entire construction process from the very beginning to the end, when the keys are handed over to the customer. When the constructions are completed, we apply for the necessary occupancy permits for the new buildings. The sales organization is taken care of by real estate agents. We provide a two-year guarantee for our work.


    About us

    We start work at the moment when the detailed plan has been established, and the building right has been determined.
    First of all, we take care of all the necessary documentation - preliminary design, principal design, and special designs.
    When the construction work starts, we are general contractors, but besides that, we also do a lot of construction work with our craftsmen. In this way, the future client can contact us directly should later any concerns arise.
    We have been operative and flexible since 2011. We have built semi-detached houses, terraced houses, and smaller apartment buildings. Aside from them, however, are almost a century-old wooden houses, which with our help have been awakened to a new life cycle. We do not build impersonal concrete and glass jungles, but above all, unique living environments with character!

    Previous developments

    detached house
    semi-detached houses
    apartment buildings
    terraced houses

    Our hardworking, experienced team

    Viljar Kapp


    viljar@tartal.ee | +372 5159 457

    Ard Ernits

    Real estate project manager

    ard@tartal.ee | +372 5205 719

    Our partners

    The following honorable list speaks for itself.