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    About us


    Tartal Grupp

    The Tartal Group has been working in the fields of gas supply and real estate for almost as long as the 21st century has been going on.
    It is true that we ourselves do not extract gas from the earth’s crust or sell it, but we do everything else that can be done with this energy carrier.
    In real estate development, we deal with paperwork, but we also grab the hammer ourselves. In this way, we have earned the reputation of a professional and flawless company.
    Our invoices and state taxes are always paid, and customer feedback is positive.


    Gas works and heating mains

    Our people are real masters in their field – experienced, trained, and their knowledge has been recognized as worthy of all the necessary certificates. Our people apply their rich knowledge with “German precision and Estonian perseverance” to build top-class gas infrastructures. Thanks to them, the Tartal Group is today one of the most reliable companies in the Livonian and Estonian provinces.
    Give us the gas, and we’ll put it in the pipe, right at the speed and in the direction as currently needed!
    Tartal Grupp OÜ has the following certificates: person in charge of gas works, person in charge of pressure equipment works, welding coordinator, technical supervisor in the field of district heating pipelines, construction manager III, certified steel and stainless steel welders, and performers of follow-up works.
    We build: gas systems – A, B, C, D category gas installations, gas pipelines (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, and industrial), copper, steel, plastic, and stainless steel gas pipelines.
    We build complete heating systems, which include: pre-insulated heating pipes, boiler houses, heating units, and their installation.
    It is worth mentioning that district heating construction accounts for 80% of our plumbing work.


    Real estate and construction

    We start work at the moment when the detailed plan has been established, and the building right has been determined.
    First of all, we take care of all the necessary documentation – preliminary design, principal design, and special designs.
    When the construction work starts, we are general contractors, but besides that, we also do a lot of construction work with our craftsmen. In this way, the future client can contact us directly should later any concerns arise.
    We have been operative and flexible since 2011. We have built semi-detached houses, terraced houses, and smaller apartment buildings. Aside from them, however, are almost a century-old wooden houses, which with our help have been awakened to a new life cycle. We do not build impersonal concrete and glass jungles, but above all, unique living environments with character!



    We operate where there is energy! Our clients include both gas network management companies and heat energy sellers. Our help is needed by infrastructure construction companies and general construction contractors. Alongside them, we are needed by different manufacturing and industrial companies.



    The mission of Tartal Grupp OÜ is reliability – guaranteed quality and adherence to deadlines.



    Our vision is to be a reliable partner and value cooperation.